To further our commitment to the Mexican people, we have formed a unique and special foundation. Our Foundation focuses on: developing production technology, updating business techniques, accessing educational opportunities, and leading our artisans toward higher standards of living. We believe Mexico has much to offer: color, creativity, delight, happiness and history.

The PAKAL 32 Foundation celebrates and advances these noble characteristics.

Purchase supports educational programs and scholarships in the country

We believe that education must be a priority in Mexico; we want our country to evolve vigorously, understanding the importance of contemporary issues: Health, Creativity, Ecology, Sustainable Economy, Social Wealth, Self Esteem and the opportunity of keeping young people away from violent situations. In the long run, improving our educational system will benefit Mexico´s security interests, helping to make it a more peaceful country for citizens, tourists and foreign investors.

Purchase supports the creation of job opportunities for women in Mexico

Women are the foundation of the family; we fight hard to give them important financial and moral support by creating job opportunities. Research shows that when families earn steady income, they help provide a stable environment; their children receive a higher standard of living, seek legitimate goals and help promote gender equality … all of which makes Mexico a more encouraging country for all.

Purchase supports the creation of job opportunities for handicapped

Pakal32 offers a productive and positive way-of-life to many talented individuals who bear some form of disability. Employment fosters independence and enthusiasm in their daily lives. We support their cause and benefit from their achievements.

Purchase supports the creation of job opportunities for artisan communities

Pakal32 makes a significant effort to save ancient craft techniques. We accomplish this effort by working with artisans, often complementing their efforts with fresh designs, developing improved production methods and arranging for delivery of the highest quality raw materials. Our artisans feel grateful for your interest in their work as well as for your purchases. Our very heartfelt thanks go to you.


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