Since 1984 members of Pakal32 management team have developed thousands of products for export. The company has worked with artisans throughout the States of Mexico as an independent company under the name, ALRO & CO. (Honored with the National Export Award by the President of México)

ALRO selected and oversaw production of items for companies such as: PIER 1 IMPORTS, J.C. PENNEY, NEIMAN MARCUS and other specialty retailers. In addition the company acted as agents for American retail firms like BATH & BODY WORKS, WILLIAM-SONOMA, POTTERY BARN, as well as several wholesale and direct sales enterprises.

Because the company sold to retail chains as well as wholesale companies, ALRO managers mastered exporting and importing to-and-for firms large and small throughout North America.

 “Practical experience gives us a huge edge”.

Thus Pakal32 emerges with this depth of experience, combining a seasoned understanding of manufacturing as well as artisan-village crafts and offering “Exquisite México” to the world-wide web.


Alberto Romo-Chávez D. Founder & Chairman

Author, Lecturer, Entrepreneur – Experienced Import/Export Executive

His talents span decades of successful management including the founding and successful operation of Alro & Co., divisional merchandising management, director of merchandising for wholesale companies and more. He worked in America for several companies, including PIER 1 IMPORTS, initially as assistant and  store manager, eventually as specialist in Latin America and finally as divisional merchandise manager.  

Later he was hired as the director of merchandising for a California wholesale company. In almost 40 years as an import/export executive, Alberto has gained vast knowledge of two of the most important distribution channels in the American market.

To learn more about his books and to gain further perspective on his storied career, click here.

Alejandra Romo-Chávez C.  CEO  & Co-Founder

Alejandra´s professional background includes e-commerce and merchandising.  Promoting Mexico to the world has always been her passion, as believing in her artisans unique capacities.  Since an early age working for Alro & Co , Alejandra started to travel to diverse Mexican States  in search of the right products for her clients, working closely with producers and learning about market targeting throughout the Globe.  She is the creator of Pakal 32´s business structure.  Her motto, after doing self research about Mexico’s infinite history is: 

“Since the settlement of our early civilizations, it has always been the export/trading business which has led our Country, as well as many others, to social wealth and sustainability”.  

“Time has come for me with a woman’s heart, to contribute to my country, my culture, and my people. All that Mexico has given me will be shared through this magnificent adventure!”

Ricardo Martín Del Campo Operations Manager

Is young and energetic, he has been educated to give results and will be in charge of supervising Pakal32´s entire infrastructure.    He has received extensive training programs by various Mexican Companies to offer best results in all aspects of the operation such as: Labeling, Consolidation and Shipping from different places within the Country.
Ricardo works hard in the encouragement of strong business affairs between the Artisans and the Company.  


Our Company´s name emerges from the great story behind the Mayan culture, during 600AD.

“Pakal the Great” or “King K'inich Janaab' Pakal” began governing the city of Palenque (named after him) since age 12.  When “Pakal the Great” came into power, his city was going through a period of serious misfortune. Beginning to reign over decades, implementing new formats and fresh ideas, he was capable of bringing the capital region of Palenque to its cultural, economic, architectural and astronomical peak.

Until today, the archeological site of Palenque is one the most magnificent and well preserved in the country.  The tomb of “Pakal the Great” still lies underneath the great “Temple of the Inscriptions”, which can be visited by tourists around the world.

This story gave us the aphorism for our name. At present, Mexico is slowly recovering from times of economic and social adversity.  We want (as PAKAL THE GREAT did) to help transform Mexico into a benevolent, peaceful and abundant Country for its people.


To bring you exquisitely-crafted Mexican furnishings, Pakal32 operates in ways distinctively different than competitors:

We began to innovate by working with the artisans, using their abilities to create new, well-designed and functional products. Thus we were able to match the demands of customers in many different markets. That’s why retailers such as Pier 1, Pottery Barn, among others found our products special.

We are using our 40 plus years’ experience to teach artisans to use their spirited talents and keen workmanship on improved designs. You see the results in our catalog; quality products that fit into your lifestyle; useful products in fresh colors that complement the tones you love in your home.  

The PAKAL32 product development team travels extensively to remote villages in search of products that possess the qualities and functionality that North Americans will love. We are guided by concepts that we feel give us a distinctive edge over other (e-tailers) ventures: We get involved in the entire production process, from buying raw materials, to training artisans and packaging the products; all steps necessary to make sure crafted items retain their quality and exquisiteness to arrive safety to their destination.

PAKAL32 works to ensure that all aspects of the production process meet the needs of clients. We know how to maintain the authentic crafts of Mexico and to help sustain the villages from which the great talents arise. At times we discover items that must be refined to make them competitive, we uncover talents that will transform items ... talents like carving, painting, embroidering ... yet need the right materials and colors for embellishment. Other times we encounter great products that are produced in such small quantities that we must help improve the production process.

We go to work to bring these products to market. Pakal32 "The Online All Handmade Place”

In addition, Pakal32 contributes and manages funds for the betterment of the artisan villages.

In all these ways, the company works to support village life and the artists and craftspeople of Mexico. (See “Pakal32 Foundation)


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